Protesters upset about the smearing of Mike Brown converged at CNN headquarters.

When in need to feel full of joy and energy, @ladygaga is definitely the way to go. On my way to yoga once again :)



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Yesterday was a good day to embrace my beauty and to bring out some of that Latin fire that I hold within. Embrace your nature. Embrace yourself. Meanwhile, i shall continue cherishing myself, for a change :)

After a very successful date full of Cesar salad, bread, pasta and obscene ice cream conversations, taking on a journey full of me singing Lady Gaga :)

Waiting for my favorite divo to put on his cowboy boots so we could go stuff our faces at East Side Mario’s

Behold what a steak should look like :)


Shirin Neshat was born in 1957, Qazvin, Iran. Although she lives and works in New York, the United States, her artwork explores issues of her native society, Iran, especially the position of women. She is banned from even visiting Iran since 1996. Her works mainly explore gender issues in the Islamic world, particularly the various dimensions of women’s experience in contemporary Islamic society. She uses the specifics of her background culture to create works that communicate universal ideas about loss, meaning, and memory.

She started her art career with photography in the early 1990s, and her photo-seriesWomen of Allah (1993-97) became particularly famous. Neshat explore the notion of femininity in relation to male authority and Islamic fundamentalism in her home country. The images are portraits of women that are overlaid by Persian calligraphy and they refer to the contrast she experienced between the traditional society she was raised in and the modern society evolving after the Iranian Revolution. In her art, she resists stereotypes – of both women and representations of Islam. Instead, her works explores all the complex social forces shaping Muslim women’s identity. The calligraphy is Persian poetry about themes such as exile, diaspora, identity, femininity and martyrdom.










holy fuck

Well…that escalated quickly.


but it turned out to be everything i wanted

5/5 stars

Best plot twist of all time.


that was unexpected

I hated this in the begining, then she quite literally consumed him and all was right with the world.

i literally never expected to see junji ito’s stuff used to send a message like this but good

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No creas que por estar sentado aquí
no voy a poder correr hacia tí
No creas que por estar amarrado aquí
no voy a poder abrazarte a tí

Hasta morir
hasta morir
hasta morir

No creas que por estar encerrado aquí
no estoy pensando en ir por tí
y llevarte lejos muy lejos
hasta que nadie se acuerde de tí

No creas que por estar desnudo así
no voy a pasearme de puntitas en tu jardín
no creas que esta navaja es para mí
la traje para rascarte a tí
Hasta morir

Kat Von D’s Vampiria lipstick. That reminds me of one heck of a song <3

My blues-type of day! Off to work now


The 16 most inspiring things about bisexual artist Frida KahloMexican painter Frida Kahlo was born 107 years ago today July 6, 1907. A feisty free spirit who blazed her own trail and inspired everyone around her.

Frida Kahlo is one of the most revered artists to come from 20th century Mexico. Her distinctive look and style are instantly recognizable and she has been called a diva, a muse and a feminist icon.

A force of nature perhaps best summed up by an art critic who saw one of her very first exhibitions and said: ‘It is impossible to separate the life and work of this extraordinary person. Her paintings are her biography.’

She fought through a great deal of adversity during her life. At the age of six she contracted polio, when she was 18 she was badly injured in a bus crash and later in life she suffered several miscarriages … Kahlo never lost her passion for life. She was well known as an extremely quick witted and sharp woman, always the centre of attention wherever she was. Her strength of character has made her an emblem of hope and determination for many.

Art historians usually focus on her relationship with fellow Mexican painter Diego Rivera (whom she married, divorced and then married again) and her affair with Communist leader Leon Trotsky. But Kahlo was bisexual, and made no secret of her affairs and relationships with women as well as men. Kahlo was linked with African American entertainer Josephine Baker, American painter Georgia O’Keeffe and Mexican singer Chavela Vargas.

Photographers were captivated by her beauty. She was a muse to photographer Nickolas Murray who loved to take her picture in her sumptuous Mexican clothes.

Her work has been exhibited in art galleries all over the world, her diary has been published and many authors have written biographies of her extraordinary life.The house she lived in is now a museum. La Casa Azul is filled with trinkets and treasure collected by Kahlo during her life and is one of the biggest cultural attractions in Mexico.

She defied classification of her work. Art critics tried to label her as a Surrealist painter, which was very trendy at the time, but she defied this label, instead saying: ‘They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.’

In 1938 André Breton, principal initiator of the surrealist movement, described Kahlo’s art as a "ribbon around a bomb".